When Biggie was little I visited several friends who had really cool pop-up tents for their kids to play with. Of course I wanted one too. I bought this one from "Ryan's Room" and hauled it back to Japan in my luggage.

The first time we put it up we were so disappointed. It's hard to set up - you need the instructions everytime - and it's very very stressful when you have a toddler "helping".

Once it's assembled it's very flimsy. I think one of the poles bent on the first day. Nevertheless we still have it so I set it up for Little Guy last week.

I have had to tape all of the stupid broken poles together and reinforce some with wooden chopsticks but it is standing.

I thought it was so cute when Little Guy dozed off in it.

Now what I really want is a teepee. I saw one in an Ikea pamphlet so have been entertaining the idea of making one for the past few months. Lots of people on Etsy make them. What do you think?


  1. They're fun! I made one for the silent auction at my daughters' school last spring from a tutorial found on the Sew Mama Sew blog. It was very easy to do. Not sure how sturdy it is and setting it up can get a bit fiddly, but not as fiddly as those Ryan's Room tents/playhouses! We have one and it's in the box in the closet because it takes so dang long to set up!

  2. I haven't made one, but I think they are cute! We've had a few of those 'pop up' tents and now have a store bought plastic teepee.

  3. Cool I will check out sew mama, thanks!

    Thanks for the tips!

  4. Do it, imagine a great tent in a wonderful Japanese fabric..dreamy.
    Aiden got a great pop up tent that is a castle this Christmas, not as difficult as yours to put up though, so i am glad that drama was avoided. It's actually a great size to keep up and in his room, it's his hidy hole...what boy doesn't love a great tent.

  5. I have been thinking about how to make one too but ebi-kun wants a pavillion style tent (think of knight jousting tournament), not sure if I can pull that off...

  6. I made one for Mr b a few weekends ago. I used the sew mama sew one as a base, then made it up when i got stuck!It works a treat and is so easy to put up. I keep the poles in it and have put lots of twine around the top to hold them together so it just folds out when you need it.He uses it more as a shade tent in the garden at the moment but I can't wait for him to play in it. You will be able to make one no trouble at all and I just loved picking out the fabric and customising it!

  7. Ok my ideas are churning now!! thanks everyone for your encouragement.

  8. I used the tutorial last summer as inspiration -bamboo garden poles were $1 each at a local discount store, a drop cloth for painting which was the perfect weight and a bit cheaper than buying fabric, and then blanket binding for the trim. Worked out very well - I leave the poles set up in the garden and then bring out the teepee whenever we are going to play in the yard.


  9. Aw, he is so cute. I love how the camera captured him. Well, it's more safe to but tents than those plastic ones.

  10. I have wanted to make something like this for a while - should probably get to it:)

    Have found these - thought I would share.


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