Crafty Mum strikes again

It's really hard being crafty when you have two boys ... they won't wear fabric covered buttons in their hair, little frilly twirl skirts or even Mee a Bee bags very much.

I felt like making something for Little Guy a.k.a The Policeman (Boy in Blue).

This is what I came up with, a stretch arm-cuff / watch. I used wide elastic to join the strapping at the back so he can put it on and take it off on his own. He loves it! Especially because it is blue.

The fabric is by Sanrio, it's a licensed product so is not for sale in my store. I used it to make a little bag for a friend of mine.


  1. I never thought of using these to wear! we use them as bento box straps

  2. Ooh cool! I want to have a boy so you can us one:)

  3. oooh Tamaki!! feeling clucky after visiting us?

    Mine are available for permanent or even semi-permanent adoption :) two for one deal?


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