Driving all day long. Driving me crazy? Driving me to the edge?

Little Guy loves this bag. He's always been keen on this fabric. I made two of these bags, one with a green strap and one with a navy blue strap. He chose the green one to try on. You can read more about it in my store.

The kids have gone into the city on the train with their dad. They were both in a grump as I drove them to the station. Biggie was too hot and Little Guy did not want the car window open. Sigh ...

Little guy is wearing one of his fantastic t shirts from Three Bags Full. Made in New Zealand from wonderful NZ merino. Washed in the machine and worn all winter it still looks perfect!

Pictured: Busy All Day Little Kid's Messenger Bag. Model is three years old, 105cm tall.


  1. Love the bag!

    As to the boys being grumpy, they were probably missing you already.


  2. I love that bag too! And I love Little Guy's long-sleeve T-shirt! So cute! Please tell me it is not a Japan purchase and that I can buy one online somewhere :D The bag and T would make a nice set!

  3. Thanks Claire! I added the link!! http://www.threebagsfullchildrenswear.com/

    let me know if you want a bag as well :)

  4. 3 years old, 105 cm

    my 5 year old is 102!!!

    Getting left behind;)

    He looks so much like big brother in this pic.

  5. Thanks so much for the link. Gorgeous! And made in NZ! I should have guessed! More things to put on my wish list - loving all your cute new bags :D and Aiya will be walking soon enough so then I will need one for her! (*o*)/


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