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I came across two old but unworn boy's woolen undershirts while I was in NZ. Mum had gotten them from a friend of hers thinking they might be suitable for my boys.

Take a look at this wonderful vintage care label.

In bold it says "IT IS A VALUABLE GARMENT. Please treat it as such and it will give you wonderful service. If we were washing it ourselves, we would: ..."

I love this label so much I can't bring myself to remove it! I think I need to write something like this on my bags. Do you think people would take the time to read it? Sadly I do not.

In years to come the conscious buyer will care more and more when making purchases and then taking care of those goods. People are much less inclined to buy and replace which means buying something that is going to last the distance.

I also found this article/advertorial from the Sydney Mail, April 7,1926 about the famous underwear brand, Wolsey. They're still going strong after more than 250 years in business. Something to aspire to!


  1. What a gorgeous find. Generally I do not read washing instructions as I take care by using washing bags etc. Personally I'm more likely to read a swing ticket as it needs to be removed before wearing/washing. A swing ticket with such wording would be great and I think it shows how much love has gone into your product.

  2. They may not read it, but I love this kind of old world charm, when at a time people actually looked after their items and things were made to last.....I'm wanting the care label just for would be cute framed?

  3. Thanks Jodie!

    I KNEW you would love it Naomi. I will see if I can send it to you. if not to frame then to love, like I do.


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