Love is in the Air

Are you the kind of couple that could work together? Mr. Mee a Bee and I are most definitely NOT. As supportive as he is of my business we could never collaborate. For one thing Mr. Mee a Bee drives me nuts when it comes to reading and following instructions - you either do or you don't - I DO.

I'm in love with this morning's Etsy Finds. They've highlighted some of the Etsy shops that are run by couples.Something's Hiding in Here is one of my favourite couples. Check out their Flickr page as well.

Picture from The Vintage Sister


  1. same...hubbie and i could never work together! E V E R! He has the same aversion to instructions :)

  2. Case in point - tonight mr Mee a Bee reprogrammed our remote while I was out. I was pretty stunned, had he been reading my blog ????? not likely! "How did you do it????" "I called the customer service centre!" hahaha

    Nice to see you Wynona, was JUST thinking about you yesterday, wondering how it's all going!


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