Spring with Etsy Kids: It's going to be superb

Thank you Sweet Sara Designs for including Mee a Bee in this gorgeous Spring collection all chosen from EtsyKids.  I cannot wait for those first peeps of green on the lawn!

(from left to right, top to bottom)
1. Cotton Mini Monkey Flap Hat, by citefuzz, $26
2. Pretty Green Birdie Print, by chichiboulie, $32
3. Creative Kids Art Bucket, by MomNMiaQuilts, $18
4. Organic Rabbit Rattle, by dressmeup, $26.95
5. Cloth Jingle Ball, by thepolkadottotspot, $12
6. Flower Fields, by Winklepots, $40
7. Chloe Knot Dress, by dolcebaci, $62
8. Baby Bow Headband, by SOUTHERNBABYBOUTIQUE, $7.95
9. Fun Openweave Beanie, by crochele, $26
10. Breakfast Play Food Set, by kidnaroundcreations, $12
11. Little Messenger Bag, by meeabee, $30
12. Me and Matilda Everyday Necktie, by MeandMatilda, $19.99

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