Where did you get that giraffe?

Mr.B's mum mentioned Sophie the Giraffe to me in an email. When I saw the vintage-looking giraffe poking her head out of Mr. B's new bag I thought she was very cool. But forgive my ignorance, I hadn't heard of her.

Tonight, since I live in a world of funny coincidences, I clicked on a link only to find her staring out at me from a friend's webshop.

The more I read the more I love. Not only is she really cute, "Sophie is the ONLY 100% natural teething toy in the world". (She is made of a special non-toxic rubber). She also provides the all-important stimulation of all five of baby's senses.

Visit Little Bare Bear to read and learn more. Sophie is a lot more special than she looks.


  1. My new little addition has one waiting for him/her in April. They are too cute!

  2. Sophie is a very traditional gift for French children. I guess everyone in France has one. I live in England where Sophie is unknown so I imported one for my children when they were born. She is very easy to grab for little fingers and can be chewed and chewed when teethig etc!
    Celin (French) in UK

  3. It is Mr b's favourite toy! At first I thought I had a bit of baby-brain paying so much for a rubber toy,however it has been worth every penny. He LOVES it and gets very excited when he manages to make the squeek noise by himself. Its the only thing he likes chewing on when his teeth hurt and wee sophie has even been known to spend a little time in the fridge before Mr b wakes up from his nap looking for her!A must for any new parent or a fab gift :)


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