Anatomy of a Mee a Bee Bag Part II

Look at these wonderful vibrant coloured straps on a bunch of Mee a Bee bags.

What's important when it comes to choosing the strap? Well obviously the colour. Mee a Bee bags are quite plain. I like to let the fabric speak for itself. I am quite cautious when it comes to mixing up patterns and colours. Have you noticed? I like to pick what I consider to be a main colour then highlight it with the strap.

What else is important? The feel. I use acrylic strap. It is so soft it feels like cotton. That means it won't scratch the little one's neck when he yanks it off or rub if she wears it for a long time.

Wear and Care: It can be machine or hand-washed. It's colour-fast (even if your child gets a little bit hot and sweaty). The colour won't rub off onto her favourite outfit. It won't shrink or fade.

Best of all: The strapping I use is made in Japan (like almost all my materials). It does not contain any of the scary chemicals that are commonly used in the textile industry. In particular it does not contain formalin, which is a type of formaldehyde. Even if you don't know what that is and why it's bad I think you should be relieved to know that it is NOT in the strap of your child's Mee a Bee Messenger bag since that's the part that could be in prolonged contact with your child's skin.

And lastly, from a business standpoint, and in terms of making less of an environmental footprint the packaging from the rolls of strapping that I buy is entirely recyclable.

My latest order arrived today - 200m!! wait till you see the new colours!!

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  1. Like your anatomy series and love this photo. Looks great. The colour and the texture are lovely.


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