A bit more pinkety pink pink

I was looking at my shop with a critical eye the other evening and realised we were running waaaay too low on gorgeous pink stuff. Don't you agree? A lot of the giveaway entrants have chosen the Pink Dotty Apples Messenger Bag as their favourite. I know why, it's that yummy shade of baby pink that mums with girls love.

If you've been looking for a cute Messenger Bag for your Pre-School girl I think I might have the one for you. Are you ready for pink apples, bees and ladybugs?!?!

A few of you may still be reading from the early days. When I first started Mee a Bee I bought a metre of fabric just like this except instead of apples there were little red flowers. I sewed them up into tiny tote bags and and sold them as 'Petit Totes'.

I am still very fond of any fabric that features bees, especially the cute and cuddly kind.

Take a look at Mee a Bee, the home of the cute messenger bag for little kids. See if this one doesn't rise to the top in the giveaway favourites!

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  1. Lovely fabric! You really have a great eye for beautiful fabric.


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