Boring? No way! Say no to boring for boys!

"As a style conscious mom of twin boys, I've had it with the usual palette of boy colors (blue, orange, green) and boy themes (sports, safari, superheroes)! I've had it with department stores and clothing chains that seem to cater only to girls while recycling the same boring stuff for boys season after season."

Sound familiar? Then let me introduce you to Denice, mom of the above-mentioned unboring boys.

I'm honoured to be featured on Unboring Boys. Visit to read my interview where I talk about the creative process - how I pick fabrics and colors for Mee a Bee. AND a chance to win!! Reader's Choice is always a favourite prize. The winner gets to go on a shopping spree at Mee a Bee, a toddler messenger bag is up for grabs! Unboring Boys, features Mee a Bee here.

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