Cherry Blossom Countdown

The blog is called Blooming in Japan and while I do love flowers and try to garden I usually fail dismally. The "blooming" part of the title is in reference to the saying "Bloom where you are planted". As an expat living in a country that is not altogether easy to conquer I am trying my best to live a happy and fulfilling life, "to bloom".

That said, we love to get out into the garden. Today, after days of rain and freezing wind, we saw a break in the weather so dragged out our spade (and golf club!). One of my lovely chatters gave me two hydrangeas the other day which we planted out.

We're also keeping a close eye on our cherry blossom. It's an akemi zakura and you can probably find previous posts about its history on my blog. I am so excited it's quite possible I am turning Japanese!


  1. That is going to be gorgeous in full bloom!

  2. I like cherry blossom in Japan... it were nice and wonderfull.. Peace.


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