Educating my kids subconsciously

Here it is, our little subconscious education corner of the lounge.

I have our new map on the wall in an acrylic frame from Muji. Little Guy has had a great time jabbing at it with a chopstick like some kind of deranged weather girl. In conversations with Biggie this week twice we have had a need for a map reference so it's been fab!

The kids are out today at the optometrist. Biggie needs new glasses. He's finally grown out of the frames he's had for over three years. Little Guy had his eyes tested and I am so relieved his eyesight seems fine.

I am home enjoying the spring sunshine and sewing. I just whipped up this cushion cover with the delectable hand-printed fabric I bought from Helen Rawlinson last year. It was a good chance to practice putting in zips!

So now the kids will be learning their geography and alphabets just by walking through the lounge. How's that for clever parenting?


  1. Love it Jacqui!
    We have just done the same thing for our little miss 3 - she loves it (we just finished looking at it to learn a new country. So far she knows (and can point them out and say them) - Australia, India, Madagascar, Russia, Brazil, Japan and China - it has helped her to learn by saying things that she can associate the country with - she loves the Madagascar movies, so was really happy to learn that Alex the Lion lived there, and I am sure she wont forget it! What a super idea - I think it is fab (oh, and I love the cushion too)
    Hope you are fab over there!

  2. Looks gorgeous!! :) Am in the process of finding one for Ryder's room now. Thanks for the info on the Muji frame - will check out what they have online to see if anything will fit our map.

    Also in the process of buying some bunting to brighten up his room a touch...but you'd be able to sew that yourself in a pinch! ;)

  3. hehehe Mel, do I have a rep for being able to sew anything? sadly misplaced! bags are my thing!!

    At Muji I had to ask for the largest size as it was not on display, however I had seen it in the catalogue. It's B2.

    I know heaps of cool bunting ladies!

    Jo - fab to see you!! thanks for popping in!!

  4. Nice cushion! O I hear you about putting in zips - I've had cushion fabric and cushion inners sitting in my cupboard for ages - I just can't bring myself to make them up because I hate doing zips so much! I must get over my zip phobia one day.


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