Forgot the camera but ... a picture of me HIKING!!

You won't believe it. Today's adventure! I was planning to take the kids to a nearby mountain area with the hopes of having a picnic near the waterfall. I'd never been before so I checked it all out on the Internet a few days ago. I dragged out the picnic blanket, filled the thermos with coffee and made a few bits for lunch.

 We went to Inunaki-sn (Mt. Inunaki).

We found the place easily (only one u-turn!) and were greeted by a friendly woman in the public parking area. It cost $5.00 to park and we were given a map.

I was shocked when the woman asked me if we were there to hike? HIKE? oh no, not me, you've got the wrong person! I'm not sure if I have ever enjoyed hiking and I certainly haven't partaken in it since I was about 16 on school camp. I asked if it were an easy hike and she said we'd be fine. It turned out to be the best adventure we've been on in a while - beautiful natural forest, not too many steep climbs, paved track and plenty of rest spots along the way. Most of the other people we met were elderly so my two sprites had no trouble.

The path followed the river and there were a lot of small waterfalls but we didn't make it to the end so we're not sure if there is a huge waterfall somewhere further up.

It's definitely on our list of cool places to go again: It's nearby (20 min. drive), cheap ($5.00 for parking and $3.00 for a packet of sandwiches on the way), not crowded - especially being a weekday and FUN!


  1. Great pic! Sounds like you had a fab time.


  2. What a great little surprise! Sounds like everyone benefited from the spur of the moment hike. It sounds really fun.

  3. Glad you had a good time ;) are you going to attempt Mt. Fuji next?


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