A GIVEAWAY! for Easter - Closed thank you (2010)

Easter isn't far away is it? I have been saving some special fabrics for it for ages. As usual I am behind in everything so I haven't managed to sell them. SO .... I think we will have an Easter giveaway!!

Up for grabs is this pretty mini-tote bag. Look closely and you will see it's a lovely spring yellow and is printed with little chicks. It's adorable and will be perfect for toting your Easter shopping in.

I made two of these bags so if you can't wait to win you may still purchase one in my store for just $20.00.

♥ I also have some cute, oh so cute tiny gift bags made from the delectable chick fabric that Karen of Washimatta sent me last year. I have four to give away. I'll try and get a picture tomorrow.

There are a few ways to enter:

1. Visit my shop, Mee a Bee and pick a favourite. Leave a comment about it here on the blog. This helps me learn what wonderful people like you love about my shop, it's a kind of market research. It's very helpful, so thank you.

2. If you're not already a fan of Mee a Bee on Facebook please consider joining and inviting your friends to become fans as well. This is also helpful since I have limited means for advertising I rely on word of mouth recommendations from lovely people like you, thank you.

Leaving a comment on the Mee a Bee Facebook page gains you an entry. Again let me know your favourite or better yet, copy and paste a link to it so the photo shows up on the page for everyone to see.

3. Lastly, if you're a blogger would you consider adding my little button to your page?   Again, it's all an effort to get my work in front of as many people as possible. I may drown in fabric if I don't manage to send some of it off to the lovely little people of the world.

If you are on Blogger: click Customise from the top right. Then above the side margin click Add a Gadget. From the list pick HTML/Java Script.  Paste in the following code and save:

Don't forget to save changes. Then come back and let me know you've done it. Thank you so much!

Three ways to enter, enter up to three times! The winners will be picked at random on Monday 21st March, 2010. Make sure I have a way of contacting you since I will want to mail out the prizes straight away in order to arrive in time!


  1. hi jacqui!! i am a fan of your facebook, and i follow your blog. i love your bags, they are adorable!! hope things have been ok for you, i have not caught up with you since your trip, i know, bad blogger, it's just been so crazy around here!! my mil was diagnosed with breast cancer and it's been crazy busy since!!!! i am looking forward to things hopefully slowing down soon. thanks for the chance, someday i will own a mee a bee original!!

  2. Hi! My favorite bag is the pink dotty apple mini messenger bag. So cute! I'm also a facebook fan of yours. :)


  3. Hi Jacqui!

    Can I pick FOUR favourites?? ;)

    I LOVED:
    1) Little Messenger Bag - Anchors Away (My elder boy simply adores his!)
    2) Little Messenger Bag - Ballerinas in PINK (Wish I had a little gal so that I can get this for her)
    3) Little Messenger Bag - Lions and Giraffes (Getting this for my little boy when his time comes!)

    and... lastly, of course, the Big Messenger Bag - Green Apples Pretty Polka Dots!... ;)

  4. Hi Jacqui! I've been a fan of yours for awhile now and wish I had your sewing stamina and skill!

    My fave in your shop has always been the messenger bags and if I had to pick just one right now, it would be the Red Ballerinas Messenger Bag!

  5. Wow! The Little Messenger Bag - Red Ballerinas is SOOOO one of a kind! So sweet.

    shannoncarman at yahoo dot com

  6. I always admire your adorable bags! My son loves animal, so my favourite one is the Lions and Giraffes messenger bag. I've also put a link to your blog in my links page: http://verypurpleperson.com/links :)

  7. Hi Jacqui,

    Reading your blog is like a treat for me at the end of my day. I was so excited about your giveaway. I absolutely love the mee a bee bags I got for my daughter. The apples and green polka dots messenger is my favorite. We hang it on an adorable mini apple coat hook to display it when not in use. Just love it.

    On to business: my favorite bag in your store today is the pink dotty apples bag. It's precious!

    Thanks for the chance! Hope all is well with you. monica

  8. Love your bags, so much to choose from and beautifully made, I would have to say my all time favourite is the Little Messenger Russian Dolls bag.
    Gorgeous, perfect on the go bag for a girl. (we have two girls : ) )

    Definately a follower and also a facebook fan.

  9. My favorite : Little Messenger Bag - Red Ballerinas ( :

    A_C_E_ at hotmail dot com

  10. I love the Lions & Giraffes Messenger Bag. My little monster would look so funky with this one!

  11. I have added your button to my blog http://www.funkymonsters.blogspot.com
    Love your messenger bags, another funky find for boys (which are not easy to find)!

  12. Hello! Happy easter to you~ My favorite is the little red riding hood bag, but that's only because I love Little Red riding hood...

    I also like the little village one, because you can see the design from afar.

  13. Hi Jacqui,
    I adore your entire range, and have been telling friends about it for some time. At the moment my favourites are the Little Red Riding Hood messenger bag and the Pink Dotti Apples... bu they are all great!
    I have become a fan on facebook now and joined your newsletter.
    Thanks for the chance and have a very happy Easter.
    Imogen :)

  14. Hi Jacqui,

    As you know, I have a few bags already but I love the Russian dolls bag - the rice bowls are a cute touch! You always have so many nice designs to choose from.

  15. Oh wow! I love it! I have been scouring the shops for a beautiful easter basket but this is even better! This year will my daughter first easter hunt so I have my fingers crossed tightly! You are so talented.
    So I could pick quite a few it is very difficult to only pick one. I do love the Little Messenger Bag - Pink Apples and Bees.
    I can just imagine the heads turning at the shops and school!
    but I also adore the Pink Dotty Apples - Little Girls Messenger Bag and the Little Messenger Bag - Little Village in soft green and teal
    Gorgeous! Gorgeous! Gorgeous!

  16. I am such a fan on facebook and I left a message

  17. Added Button to blog! You bet! Right at the top! :)

  18. We our winners! thank you everyone for entering and sharing the word about Mee a Bee!

    Winner #1 of the Mini-tote is Imogen!
    I have two of those totes so winner #2 is Theresa!

    Four winners of the tiny gift bags are Traci, Shannon, Stacey and N!

    Congratulations! I will be in touch (some people entered on Facebook in case you are wondering whose names these are).

  19. Jacqui - I received the bag a few days before Easter - it's adorable! Thank you so much for it and the little stickers. I was going to give it to one of my daughters but which one?? So I ended up keeping it for myself, lol. Love it.


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