The goat ate my homework

Biggie's class is going on a mini-field trip to the post office tomorrow. I've had a great time teasing him that I might go over too then embarrass him by calling out his name and waving. I asked him which post office they were going to, the central one or the one two doors down from school. He replied "I'm not telling you because I don't want you to show up". Nice, isn't he?

This afternoon I finally cut out this goat fabric I got ages ago. I'm now deciding whether to put it with red striped base fabric or blue. Either looks fantastic.

I wrote about this cool fabric designed and made in Japan by Kokka. It's based on a fairytale about two goats giving each other letters but eating them before they read them.


  1. Love that fabric and what a cute story!

  2. Great fabric! I love Kokka. You should totally go to both P.O.s and see if you can put that boy in his place!

  3. What a funny story! I love the fabric - really cute!!!

  4. Thanks for sharing this story!. I started importing the Kokka Fabrics to New Zealand late last year, including this one and did not realise that there was a folk story attached to it. May I link your posting with story to my blog?
    Thanks for your lovely blog.

  5. That fabric is so adorable! What a funny story. I love the hats on the goats too, goats eat everything they can get their little goat hoofs on! Your blog is gorgeous x Lilly

  6. I'm so thrilled to have received so many lively visitors today! Thank you everyone!


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