Guilty secret #203

The other day I came across this map. I couldn't stop myself, I had to have it. I am slowly decorating my home with punches of turquoise and teal. Our place is so neutral it's sickening at times.

It arrived yesterday and is just amazing. It's printed on really thick paper. The colour is perfect. Now the trick is where to get a big enough frame.

Map designed and hand screen printed by these are things.

I found the map via Babyology.


  1. Oh, I LOVE this. The colour is gorgeous and my absolute favourite.

  2. Nice map!

    For a moment there I thought Biggie had painted his nails black.


  3. Love this and have been trying to find a perfect map for Ryder's room too! :)

    Let me know if you find somewhere that stocks frames to suit?

  4. Isn't it fab!!! I think I have found a B2 size acrylic frame from Muji. I am going to order it from my office supplier Askul. It will look quite modern. I hope it works out :) otherwise I might mount it on a board of some sort.

    Biggie would die before he did anything girly like that Kathy!!

  5. This is a cool one too!


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