Japanese fabric fans in New Zealand hold onto your hats

A few days ago Lyndy, a long-time reader (and lurker) of Blooming in Japan left a comment on one of my posts. It had me jumping up and down with excitement as I discovered that Lyndy runs her own fabric shop. What does she sell and where? My beloved Kokka fabrics in New Zealand! that's what!

Being an avid crafter Lyndy was buying fabrics online from overseas for herself. That fabric addiction turned into the seed of a business idea and Stitchbird Fabrics was born.

The delivery terms are most generous. If you live in New Zealand you'll save a truckload (if you've ever ordered Japanese fabric from Etsy or Ebay). Payment is safe and easy with PayPal. Lyndy gave me a little heads up, her latest shipment from Kokka arrives in a couple of weeks. I have access to the Kokka site and I can tell you anything that Stitchbird has ordered will be amazing.

I've added a link to Stitchbird Fabrics over on the side. It's definitely one you will want to bookmark.

Thanks again Lyndy for being super-friendly and helpful in your emails. I look forward to being inspired by your shop in the future! Oh and thanks for the feature on your blog! I just saw it, lovely!

links: Stitchbird blog - http://stitchbird.blogspot.com/
Shop: http://www.stitchbirdfabrics.co.nz/


  1. that is great news for new zealanders. love your work on etsy!

    i linked to your blog on our facebook group. hope you join!


  2. Thanks a lot! I popped over to take a look, we love a lot of the same fabrics!


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