The little things that make me happy

I'm usually quite a cheerful person but I've had some business-related issues going on for the past few weeks that have been getting me down. Do you sometimes have those feelings that you just can't shake?

Biggie gave me some sage advice a little while ago. He arrived home from school so clearly happy that I had to ask him why. He told me that he hadn't been feeling that great in the morning. He told me that he decided that it would be no fun to be in a funk all day so he should start feeling happy. It worked he said! Delighted in himself.

These things have made me happy this evening:
♥ my gym instructor giving me some tips at aerobics, using my name "Jacqui -san".
♥ bumping into one of my swimming buddies in the lobby of the gym and him going out of his way to say hi instead of scurrying past and pretending he hadn't seen me.
♥ having a quick chat to another friend from the gym in the doorway of the supermarket.
♥ finding my purse under the seat of the car (when I thought I had left it at the supermarket).
♥ Mr. Mee a Bee refusing to make me a cup of tea then later changing his mind.
♥ Getting a whole load of photos of my beautiful niece in my email box, thanks Auntie S.
♥ Listening to Regina Spektor, Lily Allen, Kate Nash and Rachael Yamagata on iTunes
♥ Reading Evelyn Fields blog

Where is your happy place this week?


  1. Hmmm, can really relate to those... It's been hard trying to get back into the swing of life here after being on holidays in Oz for so long :(

    My (not so) little thing was a 1.5m blooming peach blossom tree I bought today for the garden. Probably made someone else's day while they were watched me try to fit it in the car!! ;)

    The little things really do make a difference, especially when you're a wee bit homesick :)

  2. Mel, I hope you feel better soon.
    Our cherry blossom is in bloom which makes me happy visiting it each day.

    HOW did you manage to get it in the car??

  3. Hope the problems work out soon. If it were another couple of months you would be told you had 5 gatsu byo (May blues).

  4. Thanks...I'm fine really :)

    Haha...every door was open, every seat possible was reclined and Ryder was giggling crazily while I tried all different ways of lying it longways through the car.

    What an experience! But...we were out in the garden today and after a good hour or so hacking up the lawn and digging out more rocks than soil, we now have a planted Peach Blossom tree.

    I purposely planted it outside our kitchen window to perk me up at every time this year :) Happy :)


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