Mmmmmm Cherries

I guess I have cherries on the brain. It's a funny thing though, something that puzzled me for a long time, there are millions of cherry blossom trees here in Japan and no cherries! ??

We have a cherry tree and a cherry blossom tree in our garden. I doubt we will ever get any cherries since the kids keep falling over onto the tree and half the branches have snapped off. It's half-dead.

Today I baked a chocolate cake for Chatty Café. I baked it in two pans. Once it was cold I spread some blueberry fruit purée over one layer then topped that with canned cherries and whipped cream. I spread yummy chocolate icing (frosting) on the top cake layer and voila Black Forest Cake. Delicious!

I've just swum 1.5km in an effort to burn off the two pieces I had. I did well until the last 40m of sprints - then it was 
I can't breathe! I can't breathe! I can't breathe!  
My coach wouldn't let me give up, damn him!!


  1. Mmmm, need to see pics of that decadent cake! :) I'm sure you've taught that one in your Chat class a few times ;)

  2. That cake sounds amazing! Yum. I love black forest gateau, it's so 70's. Cherry blossoms are so gorgeous, they have to be my favourite tree! The trees are completely bare here in Ireland at the moment! x

  3. You are absolutely right Lilly, 70s!! I went to check my recipe book only to find that my edition doesn't even have that recipe any more. I can see the picture of the cake so clearly in my mind from mum's copy of it (Edmonds).

    Mel, you won't believe it, not one single person commented on my cake yesterday. I was quite annoyed.


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