Those of you who live in Japan will recognise this instrument. I had never seen or heard of it before Biggie started kindergarten. It is generally called a Pianica since it's one part piano and one part harmonica. In order to make the sounds the player must blow either directly into the mouthpiece whilst holding the pianica like a trumpet or as Biggie is doing here, blow into a hose.

It sounds quite awful, I have to say, especially when accompanied by Little Guy on an actual harmonica. Or when Little Guy insists that siren noises be played.

Biggie has been working his way through the required songs for Grade 2. He's supposed to be able to play the current song from memory. Today he failed his test for the second-to-last song. He was bitterly disappointed since they only have another couple of weeks of school to go.

I'm not fussed since I am opposed to testing ... that's another story. I am just happy that the education system embraces musical training in the curriculum. I think Biggie will be able to read music by the end of it, something I wish I could do.


  1. I have actually seen one of these...they are pretty strange!

  2. Ebi-kun got the harmonica for yochien, he has been playing on it but hasn't shown any naturally ability, just siren sounds too!

  3. Okay...have never seen one of these before!

  4. One good thing I have found is that they rarely have to come home!


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