Spring Holiday Round Up

I think I forgot to mention that we are on Spring Holidays. Biggie finished school last Wednesday and is on holiday for about two weeks. He will start in a new grade (third) from next week.

This is what we have done so far. Firstly, I should mention that the weather has been shocking. COLD and rainy a lot of the time.

On Thursday, Day 1, we went to the annual magic show at our town hall. It's a free event and Biggie has been three years in a row. Each year they bring in a different performer. This time it was acclaimed juggler and comedian Miss Sullivan. It was really funny, both my kids and our two little friends really seemed to enjoy it.

Day 2, Friday, it was bitterly cold so we stayed home and inside the whole day only surfacing to let our grocery delivery guy in. The kids played with their Lego together for several hours and I was even able to take a nap on the couch!

Day 3 and 4 - oh bliss, the weekend. I think I mentioned that the kids went to the office with Mr. Mee a Bee. I had the house to myself so I did my usual - sewed, listened to loud music or sometimes watched TV, had Indian take-out for dinner and went to bed really late. I went to the gym on Sunday afternoon just after lunch. When I got back they were home but taking a nap. It was a lovely peaceful and relaxing weekend but I have to admit I did miss them a bit.

Day 5 - today. I woke up with a bit of Monday-itus and a headache. A bike ride to the post office and a quick stop at the Shinzi Katoh shop sorted me out. It was so cold I needed my mittens! Take a look at the towel factory that is down the road from my place (where they make the Shinzi Katoh towels and stuff). I got myself a summer scarf exactly the same as the one my mum received as a gift from my friend. When I asked my husband what he thought he said he liked it. I told him it was a bit expensive but he replied yes! BUT it's perfect material - MADE IN JAPAN! We are such big fans of locally made materials.

This afternoon I had a sudden desire for Russian Fudge. Have you ever tried to make fudge? I have but not since I was a teenager. It was a lot more complicated than I remembered but it's so good. (yes I will be at the gym tomorrow night and probably the dentist again before long).

I ended the evening with a mammoth chat on the phone to my friend. I was so engrossed in the call I forgot that I hadn't had dinner.

Now it's bedtime but before I turn in I am quickly printing some fun paper toys from Toy-A-Day. I am hoping for some warm weather or at least sun so we can go out but if not I think the kids will love making Ben10, Shrek and Harry Potter. We've never seen the Shrek movie but I just opened a tube of Shrek toothpaste last night so they both know a little bit about him/it.

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