What's the secret?

OK, what's the deal with cupcakes? Here are mine, a bit wonky, the oven was too hot, they're cracked, that's not going to bother me.

What is bothering me is the colour of the cupcake liners (we call them patty pans in New Zealand). The ones I have used here were bright polka dot before I baked them. Now they are greasy and dull-looking. :(

I want cupcakes that look like this: Twiggi so do I need those extra-thick cupcake liners?

** edit - I ordered some!! thanks Twiggi I cannot wait for my parcel to arrive.


  1. Hey Jacquie, I have been so out of touch that your blog looks totally different to the last time I looked - but even more wonderful!!!

    Festoon is taking a little break at the mo, got a lot on in my personal life and have had to sit back and evaluate... but hoping for a relaunch later in the year... do come over to my blog to say bye bye!!! Well, it won't be bye bye as such... more Auf Wiedersehen... or 'see you again!'...

    Hugs, Jenny x x x

  2. are they Japanese liners? I found that the paper ones that work best are very thick and have a coating on the inside. That said, I haven't used any for ages since I got myself a load of silicone liners - ¥100 shop

  3. Ahhh, have been wondering about this myself too...I've had the same disappointing results.

    That said, I also bought some silicone liners but miss the pretty designs on the outside now :(

    Advice from anyone in the know would be fabulous :)

  4. Great post Jacqui. I'd love to know too. My cupcake papers normally come away from the cake so don't look that great. The other day I made some using those taller, straighter type wrappers (which looked great) but they were a gorgeous lime green with little white spots but after cooking they just looked grubby green!! Christine xo

  5. now I am suspicious - are these pretty cupcakes on all the websites FAKE? will get to the bottom of this!

  6. Bake the cup cakes in the tin without the liners then when they are cooled take them out of the tin and put them in the bright, grease free liners. Don't ask me how I know this and if my sister reads it - wasn't me!
    I'm no baker but living in America you learn a thing or two about cupcakes.

  7. This always happens my pretty cupcake cases too. Its the oils like butter etc coming out of the mixture.I find myself staring at cookery books trying to figure out just how they managed to have their cakes look so cute.
    So far the only solution I've come up with is to put a second cake case over the first one and it does sit on quite snugly. Although it does mean using twice as many cases, but you could use plain cases on the inside and fancy on the outside! x

  8. Hi Girls... I am Leonie from Twiggi - these cupcakes are def not fake... The Paper Eskimo Baking Cups are stand outs... similar to a Dixie Icecream Cup... they go into the oven and come out with no fading or oil show through... GORGEOUS!!!

  9. Me tooo! That never happens for me. I wish I could make pretty cupcakes like that. Have a lovely weekend! towe.


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