Biggie's Little Friends

Today Biggie started at his new Saturday club. He has to take indoor shoes and some books so I made him a couple of new bags.  I used this fun navy blue fabric that I bought a while ago. It's 100% cotton which means it's easy to wash and really doesn't need ironing.

I have some little boy's bags partially made up in this fabric too but I can't seem to finish them. There are two problems - what colour to make the lining and what colour to use for the base of the bag. The fabric looks navy but it's one of those ones that changes to purple if placed with the wrong navy, if that makes sense.

I feel quite nostalgic looking at these bags. I've lined them with some baby blue gingham that I had leftover from Biggie's moses basket - that I sewed myself before he was born - almost nine years ago! He slept in it for the first few months of his life.

Looking at the characters would you say they are monsters, robots, creatures or what? Aliens? When Biggie was a preschooler he had an imaginary friend named Zuppazo. He was an alien-like creature, green with antennae. He waited behind the chimney of the hospital on the day Biggie was born. That's when they became friends. He helped Biggie through a lot of things. He's gone home to one of the outer planets now. This is one of many tales about Zuppazo as told by Biggie. These days his stories are filled with aliens from the dreaded black box but I still love to hear what he finds interesting or funny.

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  1. What a lovely story!
    Mothers with small children are quite busy making bags and pouches at this time of the season in Japan, don't they? I enjoyed to make a trip to my favorite fabric shop too.


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