Breathtaking Ballet Dancers

Ballet Dancers
Originally uploaded by Mee a Bee

I just adore it!


  1. Forget MEE a BEE, you should call your shop BUSY Bee! How do you do it?

  2. Oh, I love that one.

    I'm currently stalking your etsy store trying to make my mind up which bag to choose - I also just blogged about your store.

    My 2 year old will be so excited - when I/we finally make up our mind and order one!

  3. Thanks Jenny! you know lots of late nights !!

    Melissa - weird thing, I got the email about you following me on Twitter or I am following you on Twitter, now I am not sure. Was that today or yesterday ...? Then today I was reading a blog which led me to Fat Mum Slim and then I noticed your name in the blogroll and found the POST on MEE A BEE!! thank you so much!!


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