Class Field Trip - Ensoku

Eeek it's Friday already! Where has the week gone? Of course like everyone I feel like I am so busy these days!

Biggie's class is going on a field trip today - to a local historical castle. There is a list of things to take. It's quite an extensive list but as we're in our fifth year of formal schooling we have a few of these excursions under our belts. Our standard kit is on the ready year round and includes:

  • a small personal ground sheet/ plastic mat to sit on
  • a wet cloth in a case, for hand-wiping before lunch
  • a handkerchief and a pack of disposable tissues
  • a red & white reversible cap
  • a small plastic bag for collecting personal rubbish
On the day we add a lunch box and drink bottle. I make the same lunch everytime. It's a Japanese type lunch and is eaten with chopsticks. Biggie's new lunch box has two layers and a secret compartment on top to stow the chopsticks.

The kids are allowed to take a special treat. These are the rules: The value of the snack bag should not exceed 200 yen ( a couple of dollars) and may not include chocolate or chewing gum. I normally take Biggie to the shop so he can pick what he wants. We did this last night.  It's fun for him to calculate the total. He's very strict and won't go over budget.

You would think after all this preparation we might be excited? BUT Biggie has had a high fever all night and is home sick. It's cloudy and cold so we're secretly hoping it will be postponed. We had a lot of heavy rain yesterday. It will be a shame for everyone but the weather really isn't the best.

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