Day II of the quest for a good photo

Mee a Bee in Rinku Town, Osaka, Japan
Originally uploaded by Mee a Bee

I do love the photo from yesterday. I love the fact that it was taken on the beach. I don't think Japan is well-know for beaches despite being an island!

I decided that since we are on holiday and it was nice weather we would try for some photos at another favourite hang out of ours - the park along side the station. I like it since it's NEVER crowded, very spacious, safe from the road, cool in summer due to sea breezes and very well-kept. Being at the station it's also well-serviced if you get hungry or want to duck through to the shops on the other side.

We wandered over to the mall afterwards and had lunch at a nice restaurant. It cost twice as much as hamburgers or fast food would have but it was worth it to see the kids eating so well. They were ravenous after the morning in the park.

We made four stops on our way home - first the well-known three-letter word clothing shop (which was very disappointing - so boring and predictable); the fabric shop and two book shops.

I have the latest edition on Couturier which came out this week. If anyone wants a copy let me know and I will set you up. I also got a kids' sewing pattern book. Wish me luck making something other than bags!

Wednesday is the last day of the school holidays. We have karate in the afternoon so I am not sure what we will do in the morning.


  1. thanks for visiting my blog, and your sweet comment--both of your suggestions sound awesome! and your photos are looking great; enjoy the last day of spring vacation:-)

  2. Are you working on a pic for The Storque?? ;-) I've gotten as far as mentioning it to Mr K. I think I'll let the local element take up most of the shot and I'll hover in the background somewhere.

  3. yes! I think so too, local elements are so much more photogenic!

  4. I like this photo better than the other one.



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