The Farmer's Market

So yesterday I wrote about feeding Biggie (and the rest of us) more healthy foods. Biggie eats very well and generally has a ferocious appetite. School lunches have sent that picky toddler packing for good. He will eat almost anything. It's true that Biggie lived on nothing more than marmite sandwiches, boiled broccoli, macaroni cheese and pumpkin soup for over two years. He would only eat my homemade mac n'cheese and only in a pinch would he eat canned soup. I cooked up huge pots of soup and froze it for him.

Today Little Guy and I took a trip over to our local Farmer's Market. We got yummy fresh-baked bread, locally bottled milk and look baby carrots with the tops still on! I baked all the vegetables Mediterranean-style - drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with rock salt. Mmmmmmmm.

Our Farmer's Market is housed in a permanent warehouse structure and is open 6 days a week. It's popular with the elderly, I guess because it is cheap. It's kind of treacherous in the carpark though with all the grey-power fighting over the best spots. The market itself is fabulous for in-season produce (obviously) but also sells fresh flowers, pot plants, seedlings and handicrafts. Little Guy made a beeline for the plastic bead bracelets. I let him choose one and he wore it all day.

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