The finished product - shorts for Little Guy

I'm like a kid at Christmas. I couldn't wait to open my new toys.

It's been raining today which gave me a chance to sew the shorts. It wasn't a quick project to be honest. I spent quite a bit of time drafting the pattern last night, then today it took several hours .... with only short breaks.

These shorts have a simple elastic waist but there is also a false fly and four pockets. The raw seams are all overlocked (serged). There is also a lot of decorative top-stitching which adds to the professional look. I am really happy with the way they look and fit.

Little Guy was really keen on the idea of me sewing new shorts since he had this iron-on patch in his drawer (Tomica policecar).

See the post below for details of the pattern book I used.

**Edit - the fabric is cotton but I think with lycra since it's a bit stretchy. I bought it at Aeon where they have a section with pre-cut gabardine, chino, twill, etc for old man's trousers - 2m for 380 yen :)


  1. Those are fab! They look so professional, but customized just for your boy, so there's so much heart in them.

    Now I am coveting that book. :)

    What kind of fabric is that?

  2. Thanks Jen! I've edited the post to tell you about the fabric.

    The book would be worthwhile for you since you have one of each. And you can read the instructions, which I cannot. It will save you so much time.

    I bought the book at Aeon and paid the same price as Amazon, 1000, seemed quite reasonable.

    I am so in love with the girl's patterns. (sizing starts at 100cm)

  3. Oh, you are so quick. The shorts look so cool. I love the way you sew stitches.

  4. these are fabulous! Well done mumma, you not only make the best bags, but you sew shorts for your little man!

  5. thanks everyone!

    Hayley - we can't wait for summer to start properly to wear our new shorts from you. It's till a bit chilly hence the darker fabric in these ones.

    photojo - it's lovely to have you reading my blog :)

  6. Wow! So cool! They look amazing. I'm abut to try my hand at a pair of shorts, but I can guarantee they won't look this good. Especially since I'm making them out of an old futon cover.


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