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I have tons of wonderful friends all over the world who I have met through blogging and running an online store. I've met a lot of these people in real life too. Each and every one of them is as great in person as they are online.

Other friends I met working in Japan. I worked as a teacher for a while (of English as a second language). The other teachers were from every English-speaking country you could dream of. I also met a lot of Europeans teaching French, German and Italian.

I am one part of an international marriage. Several of my closest friends are married to people from other countries. I have a lot of global connections.

I enjoy meeting new people. It's interesting to observe different cultures. For the most part Australians and my fellow New Zealanders are the easiest to get along with, with so much shared culture. Next after that I would have to say that Canadians are just about the nicest people you could ever meet. Canada is a place I would love to visit.


  1. Yay! Canada is VERY big, and there's so much to see! May I recommend - for an excellent cultural experience! - check out the East Coast: Newfoundland, PEI, Nova Scotia. Lots of Celtic roots! Quebec's Montreal and Quebec City are like visiting old Europe, and the West Coast is big for surfing and the boho lifestyle! Everything in between is picturesque - golden wheat fields as far as the eye can see, friendly villages and hamlets in between, and farmlands where you can sample the amazing produce.

    It's so fun to meet people from around the world! We'd be happy to have you here in Canada! :)

  2. Love Canada. Love Canadians. Our daughter is one (well used to be before we switched countries). British Columbia is God's country.


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