Happy Easter! from earth mum and the muddy monsters

Happy Good Friday! It's not Easter here in Japan which was making me feel homesick earlier in the week. I soon shook that down-vibe though, helped by a couple of Cadbury Creme Eggs.

You won't believe it I forgot to order the kids' Easter Eggs until last week. By the time I remembered most of the online shops had sold out of almost everything. I could only find teeny weeny eggs. I had to pay an arm and a leg for delivery by airmail from Auckland but happily our order arrived in plenty of time. I cannot say enough about Products from New Zealand for sending my package so carefully wrapped and so quickly.

It's great this year that Biggie is on holiday from school so we've enjoyed that Easter long weekend feeling so far. We lazed about all morning in our pyjamas. I set about baking some bread then while it was rising we spent some time in the garden. We visited two garden centres on Wednesday afternoon so we now have several tiny conifers in the back, a pot of parsley by my kitchen door and a pink daisy on the other fence wall.

Biggie has new glasses! His prescription has changed since his eye sight has improved. He got cool black square-ish ones which keep making us think he is wearing his father's glasses. We're still getting used to them.

Our bread: I felt so virtuous and earth mother coming inside with mud all over my hands to knock back the bread. If only we had home-grown vegetables to complete that idyllic scene! For the kids I made CheesyMites (cheese and marmite baked into the rolls). For myself I made rolls with Sweet Thai Chilli Sauce and Cheese baked in. Our dessert bun was a kind of cinnamon roll with vanilla icing, crunchy sugar and cinnamon. YUM! Not quite Hot Cross Buns but still very festive for us.

Enjoy your long weekend!

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