Happy Easter {2010}

It's fun to see how much the kids grow each year which is why I like to take a picture of the great egg hunt each year.

Both Biggie and Little Guy are still firm believers in the Easter Bunny (Santa, the Tooth Fairy and probably the Man in the Moon too). However Mr. Mee a Bee seems determined to let the cat out of the bag and keeps accidentally referring to ME being each of these people. He's such a dork! He didn't grow up with any of these traditions. GRRR.

Speaking of growing up. Biggie is wearing a pair of pyjamas bottoms that he got for his third birthday - five years ago! He has only grown taller not wider! I wish I would grow that way. I'd probably be the world's tallest person by now.


  1. A blessed Easter to you and your family, Jacqui!

  2. Too cute, they are both gorgeous!

  3. Happy Easter Jacqui - this is a great photo. It really captures the moment!

  4. Those PJ pants are so funny! So cute.

  5. When those pants are too small you can just sew the bones part onto some bigger pants!



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