Kid's Fun

Today was one of those perfect days when the weather was nice and the kids were happy to play together without fighting.

I was trying out some of the mystery functions on my camera .... and captured this funny moment when the makeshift volleyball net toppled over right on Biggie's head. Little Guy could not have engineered a more funny prank if he'd tried. Biggie was not that impressed, understandably.


  1. Ha Ha Ha!

    Are we still on for a giveaway coming up? Email me and we'll iron out the details. Talk to you soon!

  2. ha! love random action shots! and thank you so much for pointing me to the Unboring Boys comp for one of your bags (it was a while ago now) because I won!

  3. Kelly!!! did you really? wow, awesome!!! I am still waiting on the details, maybe it's buried in my email, congratulations!!


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