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Mee a Bee April 2010
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This morning while I was outside hanging out the washing I started to look around at all of the junk we seemed to have. I started gathering up broken toys and old pieces of outdoor games then decided that a trip to the dump was in order.

Thanks to Google Translate I was able to find and understand the information from my city website. We needed to go to city hall to get a certificate (of something) before we could go to the transfer station. We were able to get this done in two minutes -feeling good!

After lunch we loaded up the car with all our old rubbish then set off to find the place. Only one wrong turn and we found it - just a ten minute drive away. Of course, as is often the case in my area, the staff were friendly, courteous and helpful. We offloaded ten kilos of stuff and paid a measly $1.00 for the privilege.

I feel like a weight has lifted being able to get rid of this stuff. AND I am proud of myself doing it on my own. We celebrated with a run on the beach (and an icecream). It was beautiful weather.

I need a photo for an upcoming feature on Etsy. What do you think of this one? I'll be honest, I edited it a bit with Flickr. Do I look normal?


  1. I've been doing a lot of decluttering too lately - I started with my bathroom cupboards - goodness it feels so good - I know what you mean about a weight off your shoulders. I've been getting into FlyLady and it's changing my life! It's a beautiful photo Jacqui! Looks like you had a wonderful afternoon. xxx

  2. that picture is beautiful!!!!! use it, and love it!!

  3. Thanks everyone! we did have a great day. Little Guy is increasingly LESS annoying and the boys are really enjoying each other's company these holidays which makes my life so much better. I was really happy today and I think this photo shows that. Although look at my hair .... and no makeup .... how many millions of people will see it on Etsy?

  4. It's that time of year. I finally got some junk in the hard rubbish collection that has been gathering more and more dust for the past *year*. It's such a good feeling.

  5. Andrea - some of our junk was old toys I bought for Biggie EIGHT years ago! plastic junky sandpit toys that were all cracked and faded - such a relief to get rid of it all.

  6. oh oh FlyLady! love her!! just wish I could stick with it ....


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