Not bags this time - sewing for the boys

This evening I had some time-out from the family and went to the mall. I picked up this sewing book which includes a couple of patterns for shorts and two for shirts - for boys. There are TONS of beautiful girl's things too but for now I will try the boy stuff.

** Edit: Purl Bee has a great tutorial instruction guide for using Japanese pattern books.


  1. I have a japanese book that I bought because I just love the look of everything, but I have no idea how to sew out of it! Obviously, it's in japanese and I don't understand the language... I want so badly to try something out of it, but have no idea where to start!

  2. Imagine being able to go to the mall and pick up books like that! I'm so jealous. On the other hand I don't know how I'd control myself if it was all within easy reach :) I often think I'm lucky to have a girl to sew for, there are a million times more patterns available for them which is odd because surely a mum who is going to sew would do it for her boys as much as a girl? Or maybe not. It's weird anyways.

  3. How I wish I had been good at sewing. I used to make small clothes for my children but the taller they grew, the more I was struggling with fabrics. I envy you. Your sons must be so much proud of their mom.


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