Off on another adventure!

Do you remember last week I was featured on Handmade News?  A wonderful friend alerted me that the feature had also appeared on the website One Pretty Thing. Isn't that cool?

I hadn't heard of One Pretty Thing before but it's become a daily read since they feature the coolest stuff. It was there that I learned about Glamping. Now I am obsessed.

Glamour + Camping = Glamping! Since I am all about the outdoors these days, what with hiking and all this week, I think Glamping is the obvious next step. Don't you? Read the feature about Glamping here on One Pretty Thing. It's full of fantastic links.

Now here are some small coincidences that have convinced me we will go camping this summer. We walked into the sporting goods store this morning to get some swimming shorts for Biggie (he has a lesson in about half an hour). Before we could even look for the swimming section we found the amazing camping corner. It was very hard to restrain myself.

We made it home with just the togs. Then in the letterbox we found the information about our local city camping ground. Wherever we go I will be concerned about driving to a new place on my own so I have to research the route carefully. The mountain-side camping area here in Izumisano might be a good place to try first off since it's only a twenty minute drive from home.

Anyone care to join us? or will I be also looking up the Single Mom's Guide to Camping?


  1. Glamping, hey? Never heard of it but it certainly sounds more like my kind of thing than camping. Off to have a look!

  2. Oh it's you Kathryn, to a tee!

  3. Hi Jacqui,
    I have just 'limelighted' you on my blog as I think your blog and etsy are fabulous. Thanks for doing what you do and being a proud fellow kiwi expat.

  4. We'll be in it this summer! Just went looking for a tent at Costco yesterday but...nothing. What is the name of the place you went?

  5. The Flying Pig has one - cheap! We were at Sports Authority - big bucks though, for everything. I am thinking cabins are the way to go - test the waters first.


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