Poppy's Closet is just fabulous

I'm on my lunch break ... the time in the day when I allow myself a few minutes to check emails and potter about online. I leave Little Guy wandering about entertaining himself, sometimes he even still takes a nap which is lovely.

Speaking of lovely I found this beautiful shop in my Twitter mail. Poppy's Closet is just gorgeous. I love the clothes, the fresh layout, the font and most of all I love the way Poppy has organised the categories: Chic, Bohemian, Rockstar - aren't they cool?!

I don't know anything more about Poppy's Closet except that it's based in the US so shipping appears to be restricted to the States (hopefully just for now!). I am lusting after these Ahoy Matey Big Ship shorts.***** SHIPPING IS AVAILABLE FOR INTERNATIONAL**** yaye!

My recommendation for the day = Poppy's Closet. I am off to befriend the owner and see if I can learn more.


  1. oh wow they are very cool clothes for boys! I can just imagine Elijah asking for the Transformation tee - I like the Punk President one though. Thanks for sharing the link ;)

  2. Thank you for the post! We do ship international. Adding that option to our checkout page as we speak.

    Be sure to follow us on twitter and facebook via our blog http://poppyscloset.com/blog Cheers, Poppy's Closet

  3. Of course this caught my eye Jacqui seeing as I have my own little 'Poppy'. Off to check it out now...

  4. Kellie - I actually thought it was you when I got the email about the twitter follow :) it's fab!!!


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