Sam and the Three Tigers

Controversial fabric? Perhaps you remember this story from childhood ... about a little boy who is chased by tigers? He tricks the tigers into chasing each other around a tree and eventually all that is left of them is a pool of butter? I certainly remember this book from my childhood and am also well aware of the reasons why it was criticised. Did you know that it has been released by several other authors with the racial overtones removed? Read more here and let me know what you think of this fabric. I think it's cute! and I did love that story as a girl.

If you were born in the early eighties you might not even be familiar with it?  (Are you old enough to be a parent? hehehe).
Look at this cute one:Little Golden Books


  1. I must have missed out on that story! I love Little Golden books and have a few classics for Elijah. I think he'll like that site too because it has games!

  2. I had this book as a child, and my mum still has the book, it has been read to Abbey a few times - she is too young to understand why there is any fuss about the story.
    Very cute fabric!

  3. I had this book, loved it.

  4. I loved that book when I was little, but am much more comfortable reading to the kids at work the Golden Book version. How times have changed since the 70s. Thank goodness.


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