Thrifting .... what is that exactly?

Little Guy and I were on a mission. We had spotted a few cool tables at the second-hand shop yesterday afternoon and I had the go-ahead from Mr. Mee a Bee to get one. We got a really large coffee table which is going to be spot-on for the kids' games and craft activities. It's in perfect condition - in fact I don't even think it is second-hand. $50.00 was a steal and I saved on delivery charges by choosing one that would fit into my car!

I was inspired to go "thrifting" after reading my friend Dionne's blog yesterday. One post in particular caught my attention, about spring weather making her want to forage in her favourite shops for pretty things for her home. I feel the same way! Although our home is not suited to antiques I love to look all the same. (Our second-hand shop has some (antique) oak furniture that is to die for).

Thrifting is a concept that I understand of course but it's not a term that I would use. We talk about buying things from garage sales, op(portunity) shops, the Sally's (Salvation Army) or second hand shops. For true antiques then you would go to an Antique shop. I'm quite a regular at the second-hand shop here in my town so I got a ten percent discount today. Nice!

A person who makes amazingly beautiful things from thrifted fabrics is Melissa at Tiny Happy. Her blog is so pretty, it makes me wish I were half as crafty as she is.

PS. Biggie had a great first day at school and is pleased with his new teacher. He has a male teacher for the first time this year.


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