Traffic Jam! new bag for boys

Little Guy has been into things that go since he was a baby. He loved rides in the stroller and drives in the car. As soon as he was big enough for a bicycle helmet we had him on the back of the bike. Biggie got a scooter for Christmas two years ago which Little Guy quickly claimed as his own. He tears along at terrific speed and is quite fearless.

At the same time he loves fire engines, police cars and ambulances. Vehicles with sirens are his thing although trucks and buses occasionally catch his eye. He loves to go on the train as well and is keen on helicopters.

This bag was inspired by him. If your little boy is anything like mine then he will want one too. The Traffic Jam bag for boys has been added to my store. It's the classic little kid's messenger bag that I love to make. It's rugged and tough like my little boy - strong canvas that will withstand being dragged along behind a speedster on three wheels. It's totally machine-washable and just AWESOME! What do you think? Take a look here at Mee a Bee for more details.

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