An unsung star

An unsung star. This bag has not been a really popular one - little boys seem to go for the cars and trucks just like mine does.

Yesterday evening I heard frogs ribbeting (is that a word?), croaking (that's it!) in the neighbour's garden for the first time this year. Then I happened upon this beautiful photo. I love this shot. It was taken by Nykie.

I am really looking forward to lots of frogs in the garden this summer since I am told they feast on mosquitoes. I think Jenny's daughter might like this bag, what do you think?

It's in my shop now. Buy it this week and I will pop in the matching drawstring bag FREE! (while stocks last).

** sold out of the drawstring bags! thank you!


  1. That is such a sweet bag! If I had a boy I'd pick frogs over cars any day.

  2. I just saw this post! I think you're right!


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