Wonderful Book Recommendation for lovers of Japanese style clothing for kids

This morning while browsing The Purl Bee I learned about the most beautiful book. It's a Japanese sewing book for girl's in English. Oh how wonderful, I wish I had a little girl. I can understand Japanese patterns a bit but most of the details I just guess. This book would be amazing if it were boy's clothes. Thank you Purl Bee for bringing this book to my attention.

If you are in the USA you can buy it from Purl Bee or click my link to try your hand at buying it directly from Japan. Here's the ISBN so you can search for it at your favourite book shop: ISBN 978-1590307175


  1. I have seen this book a few times but never got it because the patterns only go up to a 6 and my daughter is a 7-8. So sad. I guess I could still buy it and make the clothes anyway, couldn't I?

    Having a good weekend?

  2. Nice post!

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