Words I Like!

I am collecting words that I have come across that are different to the ones that are so over-used (gorgeous, fabulous - yes, guilty as charged). Can you add your favourite words to describe Mee a Bee bags? Thanks!! Thanks Kim of Sticky Tiki for the word divine which she used this week ;)

Wordle: meeabee


  1. oh, I love the word divine, I am very guilty of using that word a lot. Sometimes over using it! Although, it does sum up your bags..... but as it is already used, I would say "lovely" which is another one of my favourite words.

    To tell you how we feel about the bag you made for Taj, well that word would have to be "RAD!" Hope I can tell you two!

    happy easter! x

  2. Happy Easter Hayley! Thank you!

    RAD!!!! that's excellent!

  3. Ha, ha, love the word 'divine' as well Hayley! Jacqui, I am so guilty of using 'exquisite', 'gorgeous', 'fabulous', 'lovely' (boring!!). I really need some new synonyms!

  4. Thinking caps on girls - since we three have a daily online presence and a NEED for the best words!!!

  5. 'delectable and luscious' are two more words I came across in my Donna Hay cookbook. They might work.


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