{1}{2}{300) that's the magic number ♥

Thank you everyone, I am really happy to share my exciting news:

The lucky 300th sale from the Mee a Bee on Etsy door was one of my new favourites: Little Ballerina in Pink and Gray.

**Did you see Chic Mother and Baby today? Two of my ballet bags were picked out for the Miss Ballerina spotlight feature. It's a big day for twirly whirly tutus.

How many bags have I actually made and sold? A lot more than 300 in fact as this figure represents transactions or sales and includes those fabulous customers who buy more than one item. And of course I also sell bags through other online outlets and I have given away a lot too! But for now I am happy that I look like a strong player in the market with 300 sales and a rating of 260, 100% positive feedback on Etsy!

We will celebrate this accomplishment in the next week or so as Blooming in Japan (this blog) is coming up for its third birthday! My 3 year Blogiversary.

And I am just 80 posts short of my goal to hit 2010 posts in the year 2010! We're motoring!!

Instead of the usual giveaway I'd like to propose that I take suggestions as to how all of these milestones and accomplishments could be celebrated.

Maybe you'd like to suggest that I go out for a lovely dinner with Mr. Mee a Bee? or perhaps Mee a Bee could make a donation to a great charity? I could offer free shipping in my store? or a discount? Maybe you're dying to get your hands on a fabric pack and one of Mee a Bee's top-secret patterns? Shall I fly the top five commenters over to Japan for some of my cake?(wish I could).

So thank you friends who have helped along the way by encouraging me, suggesting Mee a Bee to your friends and buying my bags. xxx


  1. Oooooo, congratulations! That's amazing! I am intrigued by the top secret pattern! But dinner out with your husband sounds more fun for you!

  2. wowee you really are on a roll! I would love to be selfish and go for the fabric pack idea BUT I'm not and going to go with the dinner out with your husband - you really deserve it! Congratulations

  3. Wow, 300 sales, that is fantastic! You and Mr Mee a Bee do need to celebrate what an amazing achievement it is.
    And you know I want fabric. I love all the different fabric you use, so beautiful.
    Here's to 300 more!

  4. WOW!
    That is amazing.That doesn't just happen, you have been very very busy! (and talented)

  5. thanks a lot! yes, busy and a lot of hard work.


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