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I love blogging and I love reading blogs. It's absolutely addictive. I follow hundreds of them so my Reader program (Google reader: collates all new posts in one place) is always overflowing with thousands of unread posts. There are a few that I pop into regularly though.  

This morning I am reading:

Little Pinwheel - the blog of lovely mum Hayley. She has two beautiful children and a gorgeous online store. Little Pinwheel is where we got our Three Little Trees and Itch shorts from (and they are fans of Mee a Bee ♥).

and I am reading:
 klt:sketchbook - the blog of fabulous mom and artist Kristin. Her son Sayer is so cute. We are big fans of Kristin's work. Stay tuned for photos of Little Guy in one of klt:works tee shirts later! and see if you can spot Mee a Bee in Kristin's wonderful home ♥

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  1. HI! just found your blog through Southern institute for crafts. Newbie follower from NZ also :)


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