Congratulations to Elijah's Mum

A few weeks ago I ran a giveaway contest on the Unboring Boys blog. Did you enter? Well Kelly did and she won! Her gorgeous, handsome, and so cute little boy Elijah looks just amazing in his super-cool outfit with his new bag. It's almost as though it was created with him in mind!

When the parcel arrived Elijah quickly opened it up then examined the bag very carefully. Then he exclaimed "Wow, she really is good at sewing!". Isn't that nice! I can see that Elijah has great taste in clothing and a real appreciation of cool stuff! Thanks for the huge compliment little man!

Kelly heard about the giveaway here on my blog. She's one of the many lovely mums who I have met on the Kiwi Mummy Blog network. She makes really cute things herself and loves op-shopping. Check out her blog Reclaiming Me for a New Zealand perspective on parenting a toddler/preschooler and being a crafty mum on a budget.

Elijah chose this bag: Beetle Cars with Red Strap.
Just tonight I added the newest one to the series with a grey strap.

Congratulations again Kelly and Elijah! 
and thanks Unboring Boys for a great promotion.

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  1. Thanks Jacqui - yep you can take that as a huge compliment because if something isn't right he will say so. He might only be three but he's super observant.


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