Early birds catch the worm

This week Mr. Mee a Bee is overseas on business. It's great in the evenings as I don't need to worry too much about dinner and can eat simply with the kids.

However mornings are a strain as my boys are early birds. They normally have breakfast with their dad who leaves home at 6.30am so it's a pretty early start (for them, I stay in bed until the last minute).

Yesterday we were all up early, woken by Little Guy, before six. I tried to put on a happy face for Biggie's sake.

This morning it was all quiet so I stayed in bed until half past six. Imagine my surprise when I found Little Guy dressed, breakfast eaten and sitting quietly building a truck with Lego in the dining room! He's really growing up!

We have two more days of super-early starts and taking out the rubbish. (groan).

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