For mums or maybe even dads, handmade Messenger Bags.

Probably the thing I get asked to make most often, after the adjustable child-sized messenger bag, is a mummy-sized one. I've made a few and until now haven't really kept track of the dimensions for the pattern. It's so foolish reinventing the wheel each time. But not any more! I am finally taking these bags into production and adding them to my store. They will still be made to order. You may request your favourite fabric and add any other special details as well.

This one is a custom-request for a student. It fits A4 manilla files or a textbook, it could even fit a notebook computer I guess! It is fully lined with a decent sized inner pocket. It closes with two little magnetic clasps, one on each corner of the flap. It's made from a double thickness fabric and all of the seams are reinforced. The strap is an inch wide, slightly wider than what I use for the kiddie's bags. I think it is fantastic. Mums are going to love it and I might even be able to get a dad's one organised by Father's Day!

They are time-consuming and labour-intensive to make so they're priced accordingly. Rest assured I have taken steps to make sure they will withstand heavy usage. I have found the best materials available. In a bag like this one what is inside is most important - what you can't see ;)

I'd love to hear your thoughts. See more of this wonderful handmade messenger bag here: Mom's Messenger Bag - Cute Japanese Ladybugs

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  1. Of course I like this one, it has ladybugs on it! Looks great :)


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