From an email to finished product

The Brief: 116cm tall six year old child needs a bag for after-school tutoring classes.

The email goes something like this: " Could you make a bag like this one (fill in the blank)  but a little bit bigger ... and with an adjustable strap? Please?"

<<<< More information is needed, what will go in it?

I get to work on paper first.

Can you make head or tail of my pattern?

It gives the cutting guide and includes the seam allowances. I need a long ruler and a calculator (or Biggie's mathematical brain) to work out the dimensions.

One thing I still find hard is where to place the Velcro. It has to match up whether the bag is full or empty.

And here we have the perfect bag, custom-made for my little customer.


  1. isn't it funny the way we work things out so that only we understand what's what? I often sit down and work out measurements and workings but I doubt anyone else could decifer them

    Great bag :D

  2. Love it! Congratulations on your recent 300 sales too! Your blog was passed onto me by a friend. Hi from a fellow kiwi mum blogger :D


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