Happy Blogiversary Blooming in Japan!

Hi all, it's the anniversary of starting this blog. Three years today! I think a little giveaway is called for! Don't you?

To enter: comment below. I would love to hear if you've been inspired to "bloom" from reading my blog. Or otherwise just make sure I know how to get in touch!

The prize: a crafty magazine or book. Some of my favourite Japanese chocolates. A little piece of YOUR favourite fabric from my projects past - I will do my best to accommodate you.

Winner selected at random a week from today. Thanks!


  1. Hi Jacqui! Not sure if I've commented here before but I've been reading for a while and there's nothing like a giveaway to bring me out of lurkdom!

    I feel that I'm kind of where you were a few years ago - basically happy in my life in Japan, with a lovely husband and son, but looking for something more... I've been teaching English for years but fancy a change now. Hope I bloom as well as you have!

  2. Thanks for all your blogging inspiration Jacqui! I just moved house and was without the internet for a few weeks! Imagine my distress at not being able to hear your latest :D . Happy Blogiversary to you and wishing you many more happy blogs (*o*)/

  3. happy blogiversary!

    there are a couple blogs of women living in japan with etsy shops that have inspired me to get crafty and possibly open up my own shop, and you are definitely one of those blogs. i'm always impressed with the niche you have found for yourself and your adorable bags and can only hope to have even half as much success!

  4. I have only recently found your blog, but already I'm so enjoying your wonderful creations and fabric.
    Your story is making me think harder about where I want to be, and how to get there.
    Many thanks - what a sweet sounding giveaway. Japanese chocolates sounds super delicious, don't think I've ever tasted before...

  5. Happy blogaversary Jacqui! Just want to let you know that I have really enjoyed getting to know you this year! You have such a beautiful blog and such a wonderful talent! I'm so happy for you and your success!

  6. Hi Jacqui, I am pretty new to your blog, have only been following for about a month. Was inspired to follow after seeing a lovely prize Kelly at reclaiming me won from you.

    I feel I have been 'blooming' since I started blogging. I have become so inspired to be creative and try new and different projects.

    Happy blogiversary.

  7. Happy Anniversary!!!I first started following your blog after seeing your fab products on etsy, then when the bump arrived i knew i had to make a purchase (what newborn doesn't need a bag?! )Mr B and I just loved the quality of the work and time and thought that had gone into each creation. I had been wondering what to do during nap times now i had my new stay-at-home-mum status and your blog and bag gave me the kick start i needed. I now sew baby quilts/blankets and sell them locally. As a fellow kiwi, stuck in the middle of nowhere I often gaze at the wonderful fabrics you have for extra ideas!Keep up the hard work and keep the ideas/thoughts and projects inspiring us all :)

  8. I totally dig your bags and found out about your blog through Kiwi Mummy Blogs. I would love to be in your competition. Is it wrong that I'm more excited about the japanese chocolates than I am about everything else?

  9. Hi Jacqui, three years - I am in awe. Well done. It was through blogs like yours that I found out about beautiful Japanese fabric, which you know sparked a whole new business venture, as well as creating. Thank you for such a lovely blog and a generous spirit.

  10. Happy Blogiversary Jacqui!

    I love reading Blooming In Japan and have so much admiration for the lovely behind the blog ;)

  11. Congrats! Three years is amazing, I am so proud we have become cyber friends!!


  12. Well done on 3 years!
    I hope you keep on blooming!

  13. we are nearly blogging twins!
    you have inspired me and helped me, you are generous to a tee, let's hope that your hard work pays off and you will be super rich by the time little guys starts school :o)
    Hope to catch up in the summer again,

  14. Congratulations Jacqui! I started following after finding your shop on etsy. I must say you have been blessed with such a wonderful gift. I absolutely adore your bags and your insane talent of finding adorable fabric! I wish you many more years of success and happy blogging!

  15. Hola Jacqui! Yo soy nueva por tu blog pero veo que está muy lindo y muy inspirador! Felicitaciones por los tres años!!!!!

  16. Hi Jacqui :) Happy Anniversary to "Blooming n Japan"!
    Mostly, I'm inspired by your lovely life in Japan, and all the cute stuff that you post on your blog. I love the fabrics which you use - I love cute Japanese fabrics, and your blog feeds my love! ;)
    Thanks for sharing :) and looking forward to more anniversaries for this blog!

    Love from Auckland

  17. Happy Anniversary Jacqui! I'm such a big fan of your bags (of which I have quite a few... and now that you've got adult ones, I'm even more tempted!) and your blog. I love reading about your life in Japan. Here's to more anniversaries in the blog world!

  18. Happy Blogiversary!! Time flies by doesn't it? You wer eon of my first blogs I started following when I hit the blogging scene almost 2 years ago. Love seeing all the bags and fabrics you come up with. Ever think of making some Bento bags???

  19. Yaye, we have a winner!


    If you could contact me to claim your prize that would be great!


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