It's Mother's Day here and in lots of places around the world. I hope you are being spoiled rotten or at least being acknowledged for all that you do for your family.

My kids treated me to a sleep-in and Biggie presented me with a bar of my favourite chocolate. He had torn a little scrap of paper from his notebook and written HaPPy MOFHoRs Day on it (we really need to work on spelling and penmanship!) The two of them worked all week to create a special frame and a little monster bookmark. Biggie remembered how much I have loved gifts like these in the past. The chocolate was purchased with Biggie and Little Guy's own money. Biggie rode his bike to the shop at 7.30 this morning to get it (with his father's permission). It's nice to know I was the first thing on their minds.


  1. Happy Mother's Day Jacqui!!

  2. That is just adorable in every possible way. Happy Mother's Day Jacqui (although belatedly). xoxo


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